Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm in love

I'm cheap. It's been a way of life for most of my life. I've been raised on the idea of buying only what you can afford with cash (minus a car and house payment), and when buying, buy only things on sale/clearance. It's been a good way of life for us, since grad school delayed my getting a "real job" for a couple years.

However, moving to Texas and getting a significant raise in salary, I've begun to enjoy splurging a little here and there. After a bad hair dye job, I decided to pay for a good hair cut (which means more than my $8.99 Great Clips coupon). And now, I've spent a small fortune (in my opinion) for some mineral makeup. Well... not just any mineral makeup. It's BareMineral makeup.

I used to use Physician's Formula Mineral Foundation, which was a bit pricey but had a better effect than a liquid foundation. But, after trying a really nice, expensive brand of loose mineral makeup, I'm hooked! I went and had a tutorial done yesterday where I actually got my makeup done by someone trained. It was really nice! I totally used to be one of those people who never understood why others paid for expensive makeup brands. But, I'm definitely converted, because the result is just so much better.