Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer's coming...

This week, although it's been a shortened one, seemed to drag on foorreevveerrrr. I'm so ready for the summer! After an out-of-state move, a new job, Texas education systems, and a caseload of up to 86 kids (eek!), I'm ready to recharge with something else besides work. I've become more energized when I think of house projects, craft projects, and cooking. But alas, I have one. more. day. Icandothis.....

Today, however, was a crazy day at school. Our school invited parents to attend the award ceremony where kids get awards like "most improved," "good citizen award," and "perfect attendance." I decided to attend, since I usually don't get to enjoy these celebrations due to paperwork, therapy, etc. I must have picked the right day, because it was quite the experience. Within the hour, I saw a mother pull down her shirt and breastfeed her baby during the ceremony in front of a few hundred K through 5th graders. Yikes. I can only imagine a kid going home explaining to his parents what he saw... Thank goodness our assistant principal quickly escorted the lady to a more private and appropriate place to conduct her business. Believe me, I'm an advocate for breastfeeding your child.... just in the appropriate place and time. THEN.... I also noticed an interesting parent sitting in the front row with his/her significant other. I say his/her because I'm not quite sure what he/she was. A girl? With stubble? Dressed in men's clothing? But with boobs? Geez louise. Again, not raining on transgendered people's parades, but it was just the weirdest sight to me. I should come to these more often.

So, anyway.... back to how it's almost summer. Hallelujah. I figured I'd end this post with a list of things I'm inspired to do (at this moment) for the summer.

* paint/update bathrooms .... I could really go all out here with new fixtures, mirrors, refinishing cabinets, etc. But, we'll see what the budget allows.

* get back to crafting... I have some silkscreening to do, as well as fusing glass & sewing

* cook! I just bought a book by the Sneaky Chef. My friend, Dominique, has turned me on to her recipes after letting me try some baked goods. Yummy!

* get some exercise in.... I really need to utilize our wonderful neighborhood to walk and get some exercise. Now that I have the summers off, I have no excuse to be "too tired" after work

What does summer have in store for you?


Wendy said...

Just a question.. Are you also going to a more private and appropriate place to drink when you are thirsty?