Monday, June 6, 2011


I wasn't planning on getting a haircut.... actually, I was going to let my hair grow long again. But..... when champaign blonde met golden blonde, disaster happened. I could tell as I was stepping into the shower to wash out the color that something wasn't right. The ends had a bit of a green tint (think summer chlorine + blonde = greenish nastiness), and there was no curl to be found on the top layer of hair. Yikes. After washing it all out, I starting picking out my hair, and sure enough, had clumps of fried hair. Not cool.

I've had this happen once before in high school, and that was the last time I'd had a mishap with at-home hair color. Maybe (just maybe) I'll start going to a salon to color it..... as I got a little, kind lecture from my stylist at Ulta. But, after a moisturizing treatment and many inches cut off (I wanted to go super short again but decided against my "just chop it all off" tendency), I have a cute, versatile bob that will look good both curly and straight. I've had something very similar before, so it's nice to be back. Here's a few photobooth pics...


Anonymous said...

super cute!