Saturday, January 24, 2009

Benefits of Working in Healthcare

Last week was my second week working at a nursing home. And while I like my supervisor, I don't necessarily think it's for me. I like the population (yes, old people and a nursing home is not for everyone, but I do enjoy chatting and visiting with my patients), but it's a FULL days work. Non-stop go-go-go. I've been used to the cush job in the schools where everything from assemblies and just plain forgetfulness trumps speech therapy. But in nursing homes, you work for the hourly pay. And while I'm still unsure what the pay exactly is, it better be good for the time you put in.

Lately, I've been learning that the healthcare field can be a gift that keeps giving. For example, last Friday, I received a call from my supervisor saying that she had the stomach flu and wouldn't make it to work. Bummer. I get an unexpected day off. I was productive. Studied. Cleaned. Then, 5:00 hit, and the wonkiness began in my stomach. Two hours later, I was puking my guts out (sorry for the picture, but it was as bad as it sounds). It didn't stop until 5am the next morning. Later, I find out from my supervisor (who went in on Saturday despite her condition to complete work that she missed on Friday... that's the way healthcare goes) that 2 halls of the nursing home had been quarantined for the stomach flu. Ahh... working in healthcare, just one of the many benefits.


Arwen said...


I tried to volunteer in a nursing home but it was hard to get the people who worked there to get back with me. :( I felt bad about not following through w/the seniors.

Thanks so much for the comment! I'll add that in to a future post if that's ok w/you, with full credit, of course! :) I've found some AWESOME fabric at thrift stores. My problem is it's just been sitting in my sewing crate for a few years!

Would you happen to have any frugal tips about pugs? My little dog is a total moneypit.

My husband is in med school and Im grad school, too, so I'm glad this has been helpful for you - I figure the more we all can inspire with frugality, the better!