Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modern Fashionista, whatever.

This blog needs to be prefaced with the fact that I was channel surfing and stumbled upon The Devil Wears Prada. And with only 15 channels (minus the bland Catholic preachings and all the home shopping networks), my choices on quality tv is quite limited. While this is not the movie I'd go out of my way to see, I got drawn in. Whatever.

It got me thinking (as this has been a conversation between my forever friend and myself a few times) about my personal fashion style. And the conclusion was.... I had no clue. The next step in my endeavor to discover this important information was google. I searched for "personal fashion style." Some quiz came up... answered 12 questions and wha la! Supposedly I'm a modern fashionista who loves to look good but also values comfort and simplicity. Wow. Coulda fooled me.

Maybe that was the ideal me. The me who is out of grad school and works to buy these modern, comfy, but simple clothes. The me who actually goes somewhere else besides Goodwill to shop. I'd like to know that me.

Now, I don't place all my value on clothes. It can be the furthest thing from what's important. But there's something to be said about feeling confident. Feeling good about yourself. And most of the times, I feel so freakin' frumpy. And there's no hope in the near future. My weekly attire for the nursing home: scrubs. Yep. Guess what colors.... just guess. (think ugly... REALLY ugly). Ok, ok. A white top with (groan) maroon bottoms. Lovely.

I wonder if Stella McCartney has these in her spring collection.


AH said...

SO how's Day-2 of the Scrub fiesta?