Sunday, February 15, 2009

40 days: Day 1

Last Friday, Randy and I decided to go out to dinner and a movie. After waiting over an hour to get our food which put us too late to see the movie, we ended up just browsing Borders and sipping on some coffee. All and all, a perfect ending to a not-so-great start.

Upon browsing, I came across a book called the 40 Day Love Dare. And while the description of the book sounds like it's meant for couples whose marriage is "on the rocks," I was intrigued by the daily challenges it puts forth. I've been with Randy for about 5 years now, and while I love him unconditionally, I can say that sometimes our marriage is a bit blah. So, Randy and I have decided to take up the 40 challenges, and I thought it might be cool to try and document some/most of them here. Yesterday was our first day, and our challenge was a lesson in patience:

Try not to say anything negative towards your spouse for the entire day.

I must say, day #1: not that hard. Randy and I don't usually use harsh words towards each other (like I said before, this book is probably meant for couples heading down the "I don't love you anymore" road). There were a few times I had to really think before I spoke.... like when we were cleaning the house, and my idea of clean is not quite parallel with Randy's idea of clean. But instead of blaming him for being lazy or forgetful (e.g. I noticed the toilet bowl had not been cleaned yet) , I went ahead and offered to remedy the problem myself. Once I piped up, he felt truly apologetic and completed the job without complaints. And we had a very smooth first day.