Friday, February 20, 2009

40 days: Day 6

Today's challenge directly affects my husband and me. This dare specifically targets irritability. After all, love is not irritable.

Make a list of areas where you need to add margin to your schedule. Then list any wrong motivations that you need to release from your life.

Wrong motivations... like what? Selfishness, lust, pride, greed, bitterness just to name a few. I think we can all relate to this dare. It seems like these wrong motivations creep into our lives and create us to be irritable and just plain unhappy. In the end, spending energy on irritabilities is such a waste.

And speaking for Randy and myself, we've let some of these bad motivations rule our lives. It can be sooo easy to do when times are difficult. Surviving on one income, a do-it-yourself house renovation, and getting through a master's program has taken its toll. Let me tell you, the easy road is to become selfish, greedy, and just plain bitter (e.g. All of my friends have actual careers, nice cars, nice clothes, take nice vacations, blah, blah, blah. Here I am still a college student going to Goodwill in hopes of finding some clothes in my size this week.)

This dare made me stop. Think. Be thankful. I'm releasing bitterness, greed, and lust (not the steamy, sexy lust... the lust that covets others' nice things). My husband and I have our own home. We are not in debt. We can make our house payments (even a car payment). We work within a budget, and that's okay. I will try to think of my Goodwill trips as recycling. Heck, I may even promise myself to continue to shop there when we have a 2-income household. Because, really, who needs clothes that are super duper expensive? Clothes are clothes. And who doesn't love a "vintage" piece?


Jen S. said...

Great post! I think I needed to hear some of that. My hubby is working on his master's degree right now, too and I can definitely relate to those feelings.

Arwen Mitchell said...

Man o man, can I relate. I pretty much exist, shopping-wise, for vintage and thrift. But I still get crabby that both my hubby and I are in grad school w/the nose to the grindstone and can't do things like eat out a lot. Or just pick up gifts for people. Or take European vacations... :)