Monday, February 16, 2009

40 days: Day 2

Day 1 of the 40 Day Love Dare was pretty easy for us. It was all about having patience with the one you love. Day 2 wasn't too hard either, but it coincided with Day 1's theme of patience. This time, we focused on kindness.

The book describes patience as how love reacts to minimize a negative circumstance. Therefore, kindness is how love acts to maximize a positive circumstance.

Yeah, sure, I think I'm kind. But, the entire time I was reading about kindness, I started realizing how unkind I can be. For example, kindness has 4 core ingredients: gentleness, helpfulness, willingness, and initiative. Initiative and willingness I got. No problem. Gentleness and helpfulness sometimes come with a side of harshness and annoyance. Yikes. Definitely need to be more aware of that. So, with that little lesson in my head, here was our new dare...

Along with not saying anything negative to your spouse, do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness.