Monday, February 16, 2009

40 Days: Day 5

Today is the first day that the challenge begins to get a little hairy.

Without being harsh or demeaning, tell your spouse three things that he/she does that irritate you.

Randy and I cheated and only did 2 things... mostly because we couldn't think of three things that seemed relevant enough to discuss.

His two irritations with me: sometimes mothering him about chores and (get this...) my hiccups. I agree with the first one, and we both got a good laugh at the second one. It's not so much my hiccups that are annoying; it's more the fact that I am HORRIBLE at getting rid of them. Or sometimes, I don't even try. I just wait it out, which is annoying to him. Okay. I'll take that.

Through this exercise, I actually learned that he finds my nagging about the housework to be just as annoying as I find to do it. I hate nagging about something not being done, and he hates when he forgets to do something that warrants a nag from me. Perhaps something can be accomplished from this. All in all, not a bad dare.