Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday: Part 1

It happened. I'm officially in my mid twenties. I think that exempts me from being in the "high-risk" population for getting the swine flu. Which is probably really good news, considering a case has been confirmed at the Alton middle school. But I digress....

I had an awesome birthday with still more to come. Last night was the first time I'd ever seen a cycling race. It doesn't sound very cool, does it? And really, the only reason we went was to support our cyclist friend, Heston. I was expecting to see a bunch of guys in spandex scooting around some track on their bikes. I was WAY off.

These guys are hard core. I've never seen so many athletes get carried away on stretchers. They go super fast (up to 40 mph) and ride super close to one another. One wrong move, and it's a domino effect. And the track is a city road course that winds around really neat old buildings, bars, and restaurants in St. Louis. It was a great time.

After seeing Heston race, we all went out to celebrate my birthday at Bailey's Chocolate Bar. An appetizer, pizzettas, truffles, and a bottle of wine later, we parted ways until our next get-together. It was a great 25th birthday....

Coming up: Birthday Celebration, Part 2: Visiting the Forever Friend.