Saturday, September 26, 2009

A whim

I get whims. Quite frequently. My poor husband has been so good at keeping up with my kicks and fads. And while they can be transient, once I have one, I usually go at it full-force ... until my impatience kicks in.

My whim this time was changing around our guest bedroom. It all started as my husband and I were playing the "if you could change any room in our house, which would it be?" game. We both agreed that the guest room has been neglected ever since I slapped some purple paint on the walls right after moving in. And honestly, I haven't felt like doing much in the home-project front since our major renovation about a year ago.

But I got the whim... the urge to do something. Paint? Yes. Decorate? Yes. Pull up the ugly green carpeting and hope that the wood floors underneath would be immaculate? Yes.

Well. They were not immaculate. With paint stains, and other unknown markings, we decided that the wood floor would need help. Randy (blesshisheart) wanted to refinish them. Ha! We've never done such work, and he always paints these projects rosier than they actually are. So, I proposed a little paint (I love painting... it can fix almost anything).

So, we started the project around 6:00 tonight, and after a trip to Lowes to get supplies, I can happily (and ache-ily) say that primer is now dry. The flooring is ready for its first coat of "city steam" paint (mostly a fun name for "off-white). And, at 1:15 am, I am off to bed. A good day's work.
Before... (really before, when the room was peach...
just look at the horrid green carpet)

Carpet is removed. Floor is sanded and ready for primer.
Primer is on. Already looks better!
Now, we just need a neutral wall color...

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Jen S. said...

Wow! Giant improvement! I was just reading a nursery tour ( featured painted floors. Beautiful!