Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday: Part 2

How lucky am I to get a birthday weekend? Randy and I spent the rest of the Labor Day weekend at my forever friend's house in Peoria, so the 3-hour drive was a nice get-away without seeming impossibly long.

The only downside was that my allergies had been acting up since I woke up on Friday. With my nose simultaneously being stuffy and runny and a sore throat from the drainage... I wasn't feeling my best. In fact, my forever friend's husband suggested that I was more sick than allergic, but I brushed that notion right off.... what does he know? Well... probably more than me, since he is a doctor, after all. Needless to say, he had some great meds that really helped get me back on my feet. Hooray for a doctor as a friend!

Anyway, back to the visit. It was a relaxing weekend with no definite plans. We went where we wanted to go. We did what we wanted to do. Nothing demanding our time, which was really nice. And my forever friend is quite the hostess, as we had a great breakfast and tasty dinner. Quite the cook, she is.

And while I miss her and our fun adventures, it's still nice to be home. We spent 2 days visiting and came home on Monday morning, which gave us plenty of time to do chores and get ready for the work week ahead.

All in all, a perfect birthday was had. I wouldn't have wanted it differently. Maybe getting older really is about getting better.


waitingforcider said...

superfun! isn't it nice to take little mini, few-hours-away vacations? I definitely think it makes the weekends longer...