Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baking Bonanza!

I love baking. I have a toolbox of baking and decorating equiptment. Usually, I have no problem getting motivated to pop out a few dozen cookies for whatever event (or non-event) is coming up. For some reason, I've been putting off baking Christmas cookies. Perhaps because if they were laying around the house, all of them would find my mouth, eventually.

But time is up. Randy's family is having their Christmas tomorrow, so the baking had to be done today. And you know what... now that I'm back to baking, it feels good. I think I might just whip up some fudge for Randy's co-workers. Yep. It's gonna happen. I'm back on top of my game.

Sophie conveniently locates herself in the kitchen and dining area to increase the chances that some Christmas goodies will make it into her mouth. Lately, she's been getting braver about getting up on chairs and inching closer to her yummy targets.

Wha la! The cookies for tomorrow. Fudge is on its way.


Mandi said...

Are you over country chic? What's up with the new shelving? What's the inspiration?

Vanilla Bean Counter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanilla Bean Counter said...

I have been baking lots too! I should take pictures but they are all packed up in the freezer. I will have to remember to snap a pic when then are all in the cookie box ready to go.

***Wow that looks really ominous that I deleted the above comment, really I was just trying to fix my grammar.

jb.little said...

haha! I was wondering about the deleted comment. I thought perhaps a blog about Christmas cookies was offensive in some curious way. But really, I do appreciate good grammar.