Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

As a child, I wondered how I could ever leave home. As I got older and had my first apartment, I wondered if I would ever feel like my childhood home wasn't home anymore. As I visited my parents at their house (the same one I grew up in for 19 years), I finally realized over 4 days that I missed my house. I really do love being at my home. I love the same things I see every day. The things I own. The things I put in their place. It's comfortable. For this blog, I thought I'd share a few of the things I love about our home. Things. Sights. Places.

I always feel at home in a kitchen. While my kitchen is small, it is functional. And I appreciate the window that helps to light up the yellow paint on our walls.
My first decoration when we moved in was old spoons from Goodwill. Very kitcheny, I think.
My workstation. My sewing machine. Ahh, creativity in such a small space. It's wonderful.

Meet Edward. I am attached to him. Not quite sure what he is. A mix between a Dodo bird and a muppet, perhaps. He's a hand carved souvenir from a free trade shop in Wisconsin.

Last but not least... I love any place our pugs cuddle up. So cute. It never gets old. When the pugs are curled up, you know it's a peaceful place.