Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Done and Done

It's no lie that a homeowner always has projects to complete around the house (especially when that house was built in the 40's). But with a busy school schedule, I hardly had time to sit down and complete any project after dinner was cooked, lesson plans were made, and pugs were fed and well played with. However, I've been off for a few days now, and so project time has come!

House Problem #1: Our side door is quite drafty. Randy put weather striping around the door, but the bottom is still quite airy.
Project Solution: A door draft stopper. Fun and easy to make.

Sand-filled fabric bag... wrapped in tape to prevent sand explosion disasters in the hallway

Wha la! The finished product.

House Problem #2: I'm not a jewelry person. But I've really been trying harder to accessorize my outfits to look more professional. I've been getting more earrings and long necklaces, but the space in my little jewerly box is limited.

Project Solution #2: My grandmother had old wooden shutters laying around. I figured they would be the perfect tool to keep my jewelry in a place where I'd be inspired to acutally wear them.

Untwisted paperclips help to hand the necklaces.


AH said...

love the draft dodger thing! I need about 4 of those for our house!

Jen S. said...

I absolutely love the shutter! What a great idea!