Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Very Deserving.

It's not news that Randy and I aren't rich. Not even close. With only one income, we have become very creative at penny pinching (which comes more naturally to me than to some.. *ah hem ... Randy). But it's that time of year. The season of giving.

When, in my family, presents are a big thing, I've cut back spending by making people at least one gift. But there's one thing I didn't want to scrimp on. Every year, Randy and I give to a charity that is close to our hearts. For the past couple of years, we've been giving to a pug rescue shelter... the one from which we adopted Henry. We know the people there. They are all volunteers. 100% of the money donated goes straight to vet bills, food, medicine, etc. for the puggers. So, again, they'll be getting our donation.

My point: think about giving to the charity of your choice for Christmas. Check it out... see exactly where your money goes. When you know who exactly is benefitting from the help, it really does help motivate you to pull out the wallet or write that check.

Don't have a charity to support? Check out ours... they'll always take whatever you can give.


Mandi said...

Oh doggers, I kind of miss them. Very strange. Throw the ball for Sophie. Just do it. Don't be a downer.